So I passed 10k the other day and just wow thank you so much to everyone who follows me. When I made this blog a little over 6 months ago, I didn’t expect to get so many followers or friends or anything for that matter, I just really liked youtubers and I hoped to use this blog to show that. However, I’ve made some of my best friends through this and I’ve changed my blog a lot since I first started, and I’m just really happy and grateful that y’all follow me. This is simply to thank some of the spectacular people I follow: 

A, B, C : acksgap, adoringalfie, alltheseyoutubers, asparlee, bishbashboshsorted, briandeneeve, bristuhl, britishfap, calvincaylen, carolneflack, cfranta, cheekyjackamo, cheeky-jackharries, cheekyjackharries, cheekyyoutuber, classyharries, cottncandy

D, E, F : danharries, dansderp, dansturbate, dan-phil-finn-jack, destroyme, dickasp, deyelyoutube, doubleharries, efrahns, eyesexwithfinn, fabulousfoursome, faspars, finncity, finneganharries, finniggan, finnharrries, finnrainbows, finnsboner, finnsflipflops, finnshire, finnsmaoams, finnstribe, finnthebettertwiin, finnysfap, finny-n-jack, finnyslut, flamingdignity, flawlessdeyes, flawlessharriestwins, flawless-youtubers, forthefox, fromhatetohealthy, fyeahbeaubrooks

G, H, I : harriesaddict, harriesbrothers, harriesheiress, harriestbh, harriesthreesome, harriestwinsarenotonfire, harryharries, hazbitch, hellyeaharries, hitmeupharries, horanwhoreo, hostilelevity, ilysampepper, irishniallerr, ithowell 

J, K, L : jaccksgap, jackandfinntwins, jacksap, jacksfab, jacksfap, jacksgapinmylap, jackstwinfinn, jacksyoutube, jaydenfinn, justanotheryoutubenerd, lavgnes, lauren1d13, loveharriette, lovelylester, lovelyyoutubers, lovindrew, lustforharries

M, N, O : maaxgeorge, marcalfie, morecaspar, msdeyes, nathansthighs, naughtyharriestwins, navy-brat, nickiminajisunbearable

P, Q, R : padillahecox, papitostyles, perf-abeth, perfharries, phanfuckingtastic, phansexuals, pleasuremeharries, ponypopstar, princehomo, queenmalik, quesadiiia, recklessharries, rokus-dragon 

S, T, U : sabronaw, sampepperfans, sampepperoncini, sassyharries, sillyfinny, sirposey, smilelikeharries, snowydeyes, snuggyalfie, son-of-the-seagod, sourwolfssterek, southafrican-slut, stereksgasm, suckingonstyles, supharries, sweetra, takelou, theaugustrainnpreferences, thosenaughtytwins, tjbellpepper, twinswithgoodchinss, twocheekyboys 

V, W, X: vachinas, weirdharries, x3jack, xharries 

Y, Z, #: yeahitsjackandfinn, youtuberstakeover, zerryezoelladeyes, 16bitsam 


Special thank you to Lolla who made this for me

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    omg kelly, you’ve come so far wowowow, congratulations, you deserve it ♥
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    you definitely deserve this, girl! :) thanks!
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    Thank you so much! And I’m so happy you got to 10k! You deserve it so much. You’re a great person Kelly, and I love you...
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    thank you kelly, you deserve every single one of your followers!! xx
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    thank you omg ily:)x well done you so deserve it!:)xx
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    Awww, I’m so proud and happy for you! Thank you for putting me in your follow forever, and for bein such an amazing...
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    thanks kelly love u lots xoxoxooxoxox
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    thank uu xxx
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